Foursome Sex Experience Of The Belly Dancer–Part 6

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The drive from the beach to Dhruv’s place today seemed a little longer than usual. I was desperately waiting to reach home and to know what all surprises my Indian boyfriends had for me. Would it be foursome sex?

The day before, they made me strip dance and blow their dicks before fucking me in all possible ways. But today was a different day and a different mood. As soon as we entered the flat, the three guys jumped together on me without wasting any time.

They were so rough and savage that it seemed that a group of hungry, starving wolves has seen a lone sheep. I was held roughly and forced to the wall. My hands were clasped tightly, and I couldn’t move. Soon my tight top and jeans were off my body and found their way to the floor, exposing my modesty again.

They kept me glued to the wall and kissed and bit me all over. Their new wild behavior after some really slow and sensual fucks was surprising and hot at the same time. I was being groped, pinched, and spanked at all places. The pain and pleasure were helping my pussy to regain its hunger to eat up more dicks.

They kept me in that position for a while, and admired my nudity, scanning me with their eyes. My body now had marks from their bites, pinches, and spankings. There were some sand marks on my feet and legs from the beach.

Dhruv: You are a bit dirty. How about we clean you first and then eat you up for dinner, sweetheart?

I knew what Dhruv was hinting at, and I didn’t want this chance to go down the drain.

Me: I am all yours, darling. Do whatever you want to do with me.

The guys had a wicked smile on their faces as I said these words. Vishal now picked me up in his arms and took me to the bathroom. Dhruv and Naman came after him. They made me stand in the shower and turned it on. The water was very cold. My breathing stopped, and I started shivering and gasping for air.

The boys enjoyed this naked beauty in front of them, shivering and breathing heavily. They, too, got naked and came near me, kissing and playing with my flesh under the cold water. They took hold of soaps and bathing oil. Slowly they started applying them over me.

They started playing a weird game in which they have to kiss me on the part they wanted to apply soap. Only after kissing me, they will use the soap. They didn’t leave the opportunity to touch me everywhere and to kiss me as well!

From my hairs to my feet, they applied the lotions everywhere, including my neck, back, underarms, and even my ass. Once they finished, my entire body was covered with thick foam, and I looked like a skinny snowman. They gave me soaps and asked me to bath all of them one by one.

I, too, returned the favor with equal vigor. I made sure I spent some good time on their strong chests and legs, and my favorite big dicks. In a matter of minutes, I had wrapped a thick layer of bathing oil and soaps over their body.
Once I was done, we all stood under the shower.

The boys cleaned my body off the soap now, and I did the same to them. It was easy as we were too fond of touching each other and finished in a couple of minutes. But still, we continued playing in the water. The constant touches and caresses slowly turned into long smooches and kisses.

The boys drank all the water falling on my body by kissing and licking me. I moaned like a slut standing in the middle as they kept eating my nude flesh. They made me sit on my knees and then put their dicks in my mouth. I, one by one, blew them drinking all their cum.

After I was done, they made me stand and inserted their fingers in my pussy. For the first time, three fingers entered my pussy together, that also of three different hands! I shouted and cummed instantly under the shower. One of them inserted another finger in my ass.

Now I was finger fucked in my two holes. This went on for a while till I cummed again. After that, they turned off the shower and dried me up with a towel, as you do to a small baby. They wrapped me up in the towel, picked me up, and took me to the bed.

They asked me to take some rest. Meanwhile, they can get some things ready for the next round. I smiled and agreed. They left me in the room I slept off wrapped in the towel. After an hour or so, they came back with two big plastic bowls covered with lids.

I was still sleeping and saw them with half-opened eyes. They saw me lying straight on the bed, covered just by the towel. My wet curly hairs were all were my face, my fair and smooth white skin shined. They, too were only in a towel all this while, and I could see their dicks getting raised under the towel.

They kept their stuff on the table and came near me. They cuddled me and gave me some kisses on my face, neck, and legs to wake me up. Once I was fully awake, I noticed that along with the bowls, they had some chains and ropes too.

I recalled my encounter with Naman two nights back and leaked out a stream of my love juices just by thinking of it. It was very evident that my boyfriends were planning to try everything out in today’s finale with me. I had totally surrendered myself to them and their wishes.

I took the towel from my body slowly in a slutty way, exposing a bit every second. When it was completely off, I threw it on the floor and laid back on the bed. I raised my hands and spread my legs so that they can tie me up. The guys got surprised to see me cooperate so well.

They smiled at me. Vishal kissed my lips and thanked me for being such a good sport. Within seconds they had tied me up from the bed. My hands were above my head tied with a thick rope, exposing my long arms, armpits, and boobs. My legs were wide apart and exposed my inner thighs and pussy.

The stage was set. Now came the turn of the plastic bowls. They opened them one by one. It smelled of salad to me. I was still wondering what was going on when they started putting some fruits on my belly. They took out some apple pieces along with oranges and placed them all over my stomach.

They didn’t stop here. Out came some sliced cucumbers, cut bananas, tomatoes, carrots on my skin. They were very cold, straight out of the refrigerator, I suppose. It was difficult to hold them on the skin. Also, it was ticklish. I couldn’t move because I was tied very strongly.

I lay helplessly there, trying to bare the cold and tickling it caused. Not to forget that it aroused me a lot. They placed everything on my neck, boobs, stomach, legs. At last, they sprayed white mayonnaise all over me and the fruits. They had prepared a nice salad for evening snacks, and I was their plate!

No prizes for guessing what happened next – the boys didn’t use their hands to eat but ate it directly from their mouth, biting me as they did so. The touch of cold fruits, wet lips, and the pain from their teeth was turning me wild. I moaned and shivered like a fish out of the pond.

Yet I was tied strongly to the bed, so I couldn’t move much. They ate the salad and gave some to me. I had to eat it from their mouth when they smooched my lips. It took them an hour or so to finish it. After that, they had to clean my skin, which had turned sticky. They did it religiously with their tongues.

Three tongues licked me everywhere at the same time. A river of my love juices kept flowing down my pussy. I felt loved and special. Finally, they took out three grapes, kept one on my navel, and another two on my nipples. A strawberry was held between my lips.

Dhruv climbed over me and picked the grape on my navel with his mouth. His lips and tongue touched my navel more than it was required. The same happened with my nipples too. He slowly ate the two grapes on my nipples with his mouth making them wet with his saliva and grape juices.

Finally, he came towards my face and engaged me in a lip lock, chewing the strawberry along with my lips. The strawberry juices came out and traveled all the way from his teeth to my lips and finally in my mouth. It was the tastiest strawberry I ever ate.

After he was done, another strawberry was kept on my lips. Vishal took out more grapes and kept them on my nipples, navel, and one extra on my neck too! He did the same as Dhruv did, the only difference being, he bit my nipples and skin as he ate his grapes.

Naman’s turn came, and he too ate grapes, strawberry, and delicious litchi over me. Delicious because he chewed it a little, and then lip locked me to make me eat it. The sweetness increased manifold. This silly eating competition finally came to an end. I was relieved as they untied me.

I was well prepared for their dicks now and awaited their next move. They brought some lotion and made me sit in a doggy style. It was a lubricating oil for my ass. Naman carefully lubricated my ass with his soft fingers. It was time for the final showdown of the weekend.

I was made to stand on the bed. Naman stood in my front and Dhruv on my back. Naman picked me up in his arms. My ass protruded out towards Dhruv. Dhruv held me from my back to raise me a little. As soon as he raised me, Naman inserted his huge monster inside my pussy and started fucking me.

This was the first time I was getting fucked this way. His dick reached new depths inside my pussy, and I loved it. It took me some time to adjust to it, but when I finally adjusted to it, Dhruv stormed his monster inside my ass in one go! I shouted in a shrill voice out of pain.

Vishal came and held me to support his friends to stay in the air as the two guys drilled my two holes. It went on for a while. I was about to reach an orgasm now, and Dhruv and Naman, too, were close. We all cummed together, and that is, to date, my best cum ever!

They made me lay on the bed on my stomach. My ass was facing the roof, and now Vishal took hold of it. He made me sit in the doggy style and fucked my ass from behind. Dhruv and Naman stood in front of my mouth with their dicks. I gave them both a handjob and blew them with the mouth as Vishal was tearing my ass.

This went on till Vishal cummed. He took Naman’s place, who went to my ass now. Dhruv laid under me and now was ready to fuck my pussy in cowgirl. And now began the highlight, the finale of our 3 days long sex session. Dhruv laid flat on the bed. I sat on his dick, which was inside my pussy.

Vishal was near my mouth, ready to insert his fat boy inside. Naman carefully guided his dick in my ass after lubricating it a little. I was being fucked in all three holes together for the first time. It was a feeling that I can’t describe in words.

I jumped on Dhruv’s dick with excitement, bit, licked, and sucked Vishal like there was no tomorrow. I enjoyed Naman’s hot rod deep inside my ass, all alone. I felt so lucky. This went on, the guys changed positions and holes. But they kept going on till all of them finished their last drop of cum and energy.

I had the best experience of my life and lived every moment of it. When it ended, we all were dead tired and laid flat on the bed like crocodiles. Nobody moved, nobody spoke anything. I gathered some energy to move and look towards Dhruv. He was staring at me.

We moved towards each other and kissed. Naman and Vishal joined, and they all started cuddling me again. I felt so much love. They made me felt special, like a queen all these three days, and I reciprocated my affection towards them with my kisses and cuddles.

Dhruv: Thank you for agreeing to do this. You made our weekend.

Vishal: You were such a good sport, beautiful. I am yet to find a girl like you!

Naman: You are the most beautiful girl I have ever been with. Really good to hang around and the best on the bed!

Me: Thank you for everything you all did for me and to me in the last few days.

I was too tired and shy to say anything more. Their words had turned me red, and I was blushing like hell! I had my last dinner with these three fine gentlemen. They bid me goodbye and goodnight. But Dhruv stayed back and came towards me.

Dhruv: Do you mind if I spend some time with you. It’s okay if you’re tired, you can have rest.

It all happened because of him. I wouldn’t have enjoyed as much as I did if he didn’t convince me to do this. There was no way I could leave him wanting for me.

I did not say a word. I went down on my knees and started licking his dick from the tip to his balls. Just like he loved to be licked. I kept teasing him as I bit and licked him. Finally, I blew his dick and made him ooze out his tasty thick cum. We did not sleep the whole night.

I fucked him in cowgirl on the bed, showing him my bouncing boobs. I danced for him, made him lick my feet and ass. We fucked on the bed, on the floor, beside the wall, and even on the balcony under the night sky. I made him fuck my ass and didn’t mind the pain. We did not realize when the night turned into dawn. It was a memorable night indeed.

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