Fucked The Vice-Principal For Admission

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I was naked on the table. My saree on the floor and my blouse unbuttoned while the vice-principal was licking my naked pussy. This was the second session I was having. He already fucked me once on this very table, rested for a while.

He was gentleman enough to ask me for water, then started again. I came here for my son’s admission and was ready to sleep with the vice-principal for that. After the death of my husband, he was the only family I had in this city. Some people showed sympathy but most showed lust.

I can see the hunger in their eyes. Their gaze made me uncomfortable, how they looked at me first face, then my big boobs. Then my navel and then my fat ass. I was never this busty not many found me attractive.

I was never the most popular girl, but I gained a lot of weight after giving birth. Somehow I grew from all the right place. I loved the transition, the attention from the opposite sex. I never got that, but even though I was married.

I had a fantastic sex drive I still enjoyed the attention. But that’s all. I drew a line I never wanted to cheat on my husband. But things changed after his death. I realized he was the barrier between the society of some pervert hungry men who saw women as nothing but sex objects and me.

After his death, people crossed their lines many times. They came into my house uninvited, would help me carry my bag. I rub their hands on my ass and my big boobs. The teenage boys were the worst.

I was groped and spanked in crowded places with catcalling and wolf-whistling. The workplace was not safe either. I was offered to have sex on the couch to get promoted. But it never happened. No man ever got to enjoy the depth of my pussy after my husband’s death until today.

The vice-principal has now climbed upon me. He had his dick ready, and with a push, he was inside me. “Aaah!” I moaned. But he didn’t stop and pushed again, thrusting the rest of his meat inside me.

“Slow, please,” I said in pain, but he just smiled and started kissing me. He was too good for his age. I never fucked someone his age with his salt and pepper hairs and the wrinkles on his face. He was aged maybe 60 years old.

I wonder if he had it in him or did it came with experience, but he stayed way longer than my husband and fucked my brains out. Sex was good, but this was better than how it was 16 years ago with my husband. He must be doing it with many women.

I wonder how many married women gave him sexual pleasure and took his dick on this very table. Just like me, they must have come to him to get their sons or daughters admission to college.

He demanded money. But I explained to him my financial condition and told him that I was a single mother. Then he made me an offer. I accepted it, and here I was getting nailed.

“You are tight. Tighter than I thought. You must have not been fucked in ages,” he said. With my eyes closed, I just shook my head. “Don’t worry, I am going to make it worth it.” He gave a strong jerk which made me moan again.

He was gaining speed in-out, in-out, in-out. I was losing it. I was loving the way he was kissing my neck. His hands pressing my fat boobs while he rammed his cock inside me. It was so fat rubbing on the walls of my pussy and long enough.

It reached the depth of my cunt. I wanted this depth to be explored by a cock. But for the past 16 years, there was no one, and today, I found the perfect cock in the most unlikely place.

He stopped and lifted my leg, and placed it on his shoulder. It was difficult to get in that position, but he was doing all the things. He once again placed his cock on my warm wet pussy. Again he pushed hard.


I did not know I was this flexible. My husband would fuck me in missionary and woman-on-top only. Never tried anything else. But this was great. For the first time, I was fucked on a table. I was enjoying this half-naked fuck.

The clapping sound of our skins echoed in the whole room. He kept kissing me at regular intervals, would pinch my nipples, and spank my fat ass. His hand was like a man who worked years on a farm, hard.

Spanking left a mark on my ass cheeks, but I liked the printed marks on his hands. This was to give him pleasure so that he would admit my son to his college in return for this sexual pleasure. One can easily say that I was enjoying it too. Maybe more than him.

He pulled his cock out. It was covered in my juices. But still, rock hard. I got up and sat on my knees. My husband never came on my face or made me swallow his cum. He would either cum inside me.

It was a completely different type of pleasure when the warm cum flows inside the body, or he would cum on my stomach and sleep. I came to know about these new things when I craved for dick. I watched porn in a closed locked door and fingered myself.

The men in these videos were so muscular. The dick size was unbelievable, not to forget how long they fucked and the way they fucked. Girls these days liked all their holes to be fucked.

If their nose and ears holes could expand, they would get them fucked too. While I sat on my knees with my mouth closed, ready for his warm sticky cum to land on my face anytime, he bent forward and kissed me.

“I thought you were a simple housewife but do have some dark fantasies. But not so soon, my dear,” he said and held my shoulder. He lifted me, turned me around, and threw me on the table face down.

I could believe he was still going on. He opened my legs wide, grabbed both my shoulders. With a push, he again shoved the whole of his cock inside me. “Aah!” again. But this time, he wasn’t gentle. He was fucking me like a cheap prostitute, with all his might.

“Aah aah aaah aaah, slow, slow, ” he was fucking me so hard I couldn’t complete a single sentence without moaning. My boobs were jiggling like jelly. My fat ass was clapping with his abdomen while my moans, along with the clapping of our skin, echoed in the room.

This room must be soundproof. Otherwise, the way I was moaning, someone must have definitely come in to see what’s happening inside. Or else this was nothing new for the staff. It was not unusual to hear a woman moaning and getting banged.

The jerks were so strong the whole table was shaking along with me. Though his fat cock was making my pussy pain like hell. I was now enjoying all of it. Suddenly he pulled the clip holding my hair and threw it away. He caught a handful of my loose hairs and pulled them back.

He continued ramming his cock inside me again. “Ooh oooh aah! Yes yes… Don’t stop… Aaah! Keep going… Ahh!” I was never fucked like this. I never knew deep down inside I wanted to be treated like this.

Fucked like this. Fucked like how you see cheap prostitutes are fucked. Deep down inside, I wanted to be treated like a bitch. My whole body was shaking. My eyes were blurry, and suddenly I came.

“Aaaaah!” were my last words. I was on the table like I had no life in me. My face down, my boobs and hands hanging out, and my body covered in sweat. I was thirsty. I wanted water. The principal pulled his cock out and placed the head of his cock on my lips.

The red lipstick now on the pick head of his fat and strong cock. He pushed it again inside, and I could taste my own juices. With a jerk, thick warm cum shot out of his cock and filled my mouth. Without thinking, I swallowed it all.

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