Gifted BF Camera After Testing Owner’s ‘Equipment’

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Hello everyone! My name is Tanya Singhal. I am from New Delhi but currently working in Hinjewadi, Pune. This is my first story, so I hope you all will like it.

Talking about myself, I am a fair skin girl, 5’8″ tall, 34 boobs, 29 waist, and 36 ass. I would describe myself as a girl who can definitely release your juice once I start jumping on you.

Coming to the story, this happened before the lock-down was implemented. I had a very nice relationship life with my boyfriend Shekhar. I was happy because his birthday was coming around, and I wanted to surprise him by gifting him his favorite Go-pro. He loves doing videography and making vlogs.

Because of the salary crunch, I was not able to collect the required money. And I didn’t want to ask my friends for the money as I don’t like taking unnecessary loans. But I really wanted to gift my boyfriend the Go-pro as it was his dream.

Some days went by, but still, I was unable to collect the required money. I thought let’s see what happens. Somehow I will manage the money.

My friend told me to look for the camera in OLX. I thought I should not be gifting him any second-hand gifts. But because of the money crunch, I had no option. Just 2 days before his birthday, I found an excellent deal on OLX. I contacted the person, and fortunately, he also lived in Hinjewadi.

I contacted the person. His name was Tarun. I tried to bargain a bit, and fortunately, he agreed to give me the camera for 7000 bucks. We decided to meet in Hinjewadi itself. I thought as I was going to get a camera, I should dress nicely. Maybe he might consider lowering the price a bit after seeing me dressed like that.

So, I decided to wear a crop-top that was just long enough to cover my boobs. But because of the size of my boobs, the crop top never actually got stuck to my body. As such cold winds used to enter from within making me feel ecstatic, I wore tight-skinned fur jeans, which really made my ass look huge. I applied some kajal and kept my hair open.

I booked a cab. I could see that as soon as I entered the cab, the cab driver kept on ogling me. I was feeling a bit nervous, but at the same time, couldn’t be happy about my bomb figure and beauty.

I reached the venue and I saw Tarun waiting there. To be honest, he really looked nice and he was well-dressed. We talked for a bit. I thought the deal will only last for 5 minutes. I will get the camera and give him the money and go home. But, when we met, he offered that I join him for a cup of coffee. I thought, “Ok, let’s go. Not a big deal.”

After some time, I told him that I had to go so we should close the deal. He agreed but then asked me why I wanted to buy the camera? I told him everything, and then he suggested that I go to his place, as he also has a large amount of videography equipment that might be helpful for my BF.

At first, I was taken aback by his suggestion. He had directly asked me to go to his place. I was a bit hesitant about it, but then I thought about my BF and his passion for videography.

I said, “OK, let’s go.”

He had brought his bike. I sat on it and had to hold his shoulder to support myself. He was a gentleman as he never tried to purposefully press the brake.

We reached his home and he showed me around. He showed me all the equipment. As I was looking at all that stuff, he offered me a cup of tea. I told him that I wanted to leave early as my friends might be waiting. But he was insistent. I agreed.

Suddenly, my boyfriend called me asking where I was. I lied to him saying that I was at a mall with my friends. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t feel any regret in lying to my lover about it.

After some time, both Tarun and I drank the tea, and he also showed me how to use the camera and stuff. He complimented me saying that my figure was worth dying for. He started taking some pictures. I told him not to do it, but he said as he won’t be meeting me again, he wanted to keep the pics to remember who took the camera.

Slowly and slowly, he started touching me and asking me to pose. I was also liking the attention that I was getting. He then suddenly kissed me! I stepped back and said, “That’s not right.”

Then he said, “Why did you lie to your BF then?”

I was shocked but then somewhere he was right I did lie to my boyfriend. I was in a state of confusion when he came near me again and this time, he grabbed me strongly and started kissing me. I was actually enjoying the kind of dominance he was showing on me.

In no time, we both were standing naked in front of each other. He picked me up and went straight for the dining table. He started licking me from my head to my toe. He was teasing me by not going near my pussy. I was becoming restless. I grabbed his head by his hair, pushed his mouth near my pussy and yelled at him to suck it and to eat it.

I must tell you, he really was a good pussy eater – better than my boyfriend actually. He sucked my pussy for nearly 10 minutes and I came like I never before! (Just the thought of having sex with a stranger made me more aroused at that time).

He then instructed me to go down on my knees. I quickly grabbed his big black dick. It was nearly 6-7″ long. I started sucking his dick as I had never done before. The smell of his dick was mesmerizing. He was also pushing his dick deep in my throat.

After giving him a blowjob for almost 10 minutes, he came into my mouth. I don’t know what happened to me, but I had never ever given my BF the permission to cum on my face or in my mouth. But here I was, sucking a stranger’s dick and swallowing all his cum. This was the time I realized what a bitch and slut I was.

He then picked me up and took me to his bedroom. He quickly made me get in a doggy style and pushed his dick in my pussy. The sound of my big ass splashing against his waist was echoing in the room. I was moaning like a really mad bitch.

His stamina was fantastic. He kept on fucking me in doggy style for nearly 15 minutes. I came multiple times in between, but he was not letting me go. He then slowed down a bit and lay on the bed. He instructed me to come on top of his dick. I agreed like his little bitch.

We fucked each other in a cowgirl position for another 15-20 minutes when finally he came in me. After this wonderful and insane fucking session, I realized that we never used a condom. But I was happy to get satisfied in a long time. I accepted the fact that he was far better than my boyfriend in having sex. But that didn’t mean that I loved my boyfriend any less.

I was in love with my BF but here I was enjoying sex with another stranger. I was very confused as to who I was now. I was calculating my confusion when Tarun stood up and picked me up and started fucking me again.

This sex session went on the whole night. I told my roommate that if my boyfriend called, just tell him that I was sleeping as I was having a headache.

My lover called me 10-15 times. All I was doing at that time was seeing my phone ringing in the distance while Tarun was shoving his dick in my pussy. After a night of intense fucking session, Tarun dropped me in the morning at my place with all the equipment. He kissed me and bid me farewell.

But, did I tell my BF about this? And what was his reaction to seeing the gift? Stay tuned to find out more

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