Knocking My Friend’s Girlfriend Off!

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Hello, beautiful people. I hope you are in a good state of health. I am sorry that I couldn’t post any of the stories for long. I was caught up in my daily routine. I am sorry to keep you all waiting. Thank you for giving so much love to my last story.

For those who don’t know me, I am Aryan 26 years old from Delhi. I hail from a well-to-do family and a qualified professional. I am 5’8” tall with a 6” long tool and 2.5” in thickness with fair color, athletic body, and looks that you can’t ignore.

Deepti is my friend’s girlfriend. She’s 21 years old, a fair-colored girl with 34C-32-34 and a height of around 5’5’’. I must say, she looks gorgeous.

Coming to the story, I have a friend named Aditya who had this beautiful girlfriend Deepti. We all were too damn jealous of him thinking how on earth the guy like him is dating such a chick? They were considerably like Babita Ji and Iyer from TKMOC Show.

Well, moving on to the story, one fine day I got a call. At first, I thought it must be a random tele caller but it was Deepti on the other side. Yes, even I couldn’t believe my stars. So, the conversation went on like this.

A: Hello.

D: Hi, am I speaking to Aryan, Aryan Batra? (She sounded a bit confused)

A: Yes, go on.

D: Aryan I’m Deepti. I just wanted to enquire whether Adi is alright, his phone is switched off and he told me that he’ll be staying at your flat.

A (With butterflies in my stomach): Hey Deepti, How are you? Actually, Adi just left here around an hour ago without informing me anything. I was in my office. I came to know when I reached back home. I’ll let you know if I find anything about his whereabouts.

D: That would be great help Aryan. Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble.

A: There’s nothing like trouble dear, he’s my friend too.

D: Okay, I got to go, bye.

A: Bye.

So, this was how my first interaction with her went. And let me tell you guys that Aditya didn’t visit me at all. I knew he lied to his girlfriend and he might be banging some other chick. But I did what all my friends do, I covered up from him.

The same night she called me again to enquire about Aditya. She was really worried about him. So, I asked her not to worry, wherever he’s, he’ll be safe. I asked her to wait until the next day. If then also he doesn’t show up or his phone is still off then we’ll do something about it.

The next day, the entire day went by but there was no clue of Adi, and neither his phone turned on. Now, even I was worried so I called his mother to enquire about him. She was also clueless and told me that they’ll lodge a missing complaint first thing in the morning.

Yes! The shit was serious now and covering up for him would mean getting my ass kicked. So I called D and came clean to her. She was really heartbroken and devastated as she heard the truth. I tried consoling her, which worked a bit but she was still worried about Adi.

I told her that police will be doing their job and he’ll be found unhurt soon. The next day she called and that’s when the tables turned.

D: Hey Aryan.

A: Hello! Got to know anything about Adi?

D: No, not yet. Actually, I need a favor.

A: Shoot! Anything you need.

D: Actually I’m really tensed about Adi and I don’t know anyone in Delhi.

A: So?

D: I was planning to visit Delhi and I have a few of his friend’s addresses. I was thinking maybe you could help me go and check him there.

A: Yes, why not! But where will you stay?

D: I’ll get a hotel.

A (Trying my luck): Why would you spend your money on a hotel? I have a flat here and don’t worry, there are two separate rooms so you can stay here for as long as you want and we will both search for Adi together.

D: That would be great. Thank you so much once again. You are such a sweetheart.

A: No worries, Bye for now. See you tomorrow at the bus station.

D: Bye.

Wasn’t I lucky enough? Yes, I know right. So the next day she came. I still can’t forget, she was wearing these rugged denim jeans and a blue tight fit top with shoulder cutouts. She came out of the bus and opened her hair to tie them again. It was a sight to watch!

I could see every curve of her over her dress and the sight of her making pony was truly delightful. Well, let’s get back to the story now. I took her to my flat, showed her room to her. I asked her to get some rest and I went to my room to do some office work.

I couldn’t concentrate on my work as all I could think of was Deepti. After a while, I heard a knock on the door. As I opened the door, there she was – in her loose cotton shorts and a loose red top (there was a bra underneath, obviously).

I asked her to wait and let me complete my work and then we can go and try finding Adi. She asked whether she could wait in my room as you all might expect, of course, I let her in. She was sitting on the bed and I was working on my laptop on the table and chair.

I was staring at her perfectly waxed and smooth bright fleshy thighs from the corner of my eyes. After completing my work, I noticed that there’s a bulge under my pajamas and it was very evident. I asked Deepti to get me a glass of water, and also informed me that my work is almost finished.

As soon as she left the room I quickly sat on the bed, placing a cushion over my lap. Then she came and sat beside me. Gosh! Those legs were distracting me again and again. I somehow managed to make eye contact with her while discussing the addresses of Adi’s friends.

I was creating a plan regarding whom we must visit first. I asked her to get dressed and I will also get ready and then we’ll leave. She told me that she’ll be having a quick shower and change. In the meanwhile, I pulled up a pair of jeans with a polo tee and a pair of loafers.

She took some time for getting ready but guys it was worth enough. Now she was wearing a white cropped top with blue denim high waist jeans and a blue denim jacket with its buttons open. With her wet open hair and light makeup, she was looking ravishing.

So we went downstairs, I grabbed my scooty and we went for a drive. I didn’t deliberately apply hard breaks. Still, I could feel her bosoms slightly touch my back and while we were talking to each other. She used to put her hand over my shoulder and lean forward to hear what I was saying.

Can you guys feel it? It was magical, I was hoping that the drive never comes to an end. We went to Adi’s friends one by one and didn’t know that Deepti was his girlfriend. Each one of his 5-6 friends told us that he might be at some chick’s place or at some hotel.

His phone is switched off because he might not want to get disturbed. And I could see tears in her eyes but she somehow controlled them and didn’t let them fall. After the last person we visited, she asked to get to my flat and I did what I was said.

After coming back to my flat, she straightaway went to her room and didn’t say a word. I thought of giving her space so I went to my room and changed into pajamas and tee. After around an hour, I went to her room and knocked on the door to keep a check on her.

She was still in the same clothes and looked very depressed. I went inside, gave her a hug, and said, “Everything is going to be alright. You have your questions. I know, and that too a lot of them. Just wait for him to return and clear everything out with him.”

She hugged me even tighter and started crying by keeping her head on my shoulder and said, “There’s nothing left to talk about. I just want him to return and then I’ll ask him to get the hell out of my life forever on his face.” I was just there hugging her and trying to console her.

Suddenly she said, “If he can cheat on me with so many guys, why can’t I cheat on him with one? I need to know how it feels to cheat on someone.” I know what you guys are thinking, have some patience guys. I told her that she might be tired, I asked her to get some sleep and I came back to my room.

Yes, I was too damn excited but also I didn’t want to take advantage of her emotional breakdown. I went to sleep and suddenly I felt like someone is lying beside me. As I opened my eyes, it was Deepti in her white crop top and blue denim just staring at me. I got up and sat and asked her if she needs anything.

She didn’t respond and was just staring at me. And then there was a moment, I don’t know how and when but it happened, yes we kissed. It wasn’t a kiss but it was really a very passionate one. Our tongues rolled inside each other’s mouths.

We were biting each other’s lips and I picked her up and made her sit on my lap while sucking her lips. The kiss went on for about good 15 minutes. I could still feel the taste of her pink lipstick as I am narrating this story. She was a tigress, I must say.

She took off my t-shirt, held my hands apart, and started kissing me on my neck and earlobes. I felt that tingling sensation in my heart and butterflies in my stomach. I could do nothing but moan in pleasure! She removed her white top and there she was in her classic white bra and denim.

I pulled her closer to me and started kissing her lips yet again and in the meantime, I was pressing her breasts. Gosh! The bra was too silky and her boobies were too damn soft. I was on cloud nine. I slowly moved my right hand to her back while my left hand still fondling her breasts.

I unhooked her bra to set the beauties free from the cage. The site was mesmerizing folks. She had those perfect round 34C breasts with small pink nipples and areolas not too big and neither too small. These kinds of breasts are a rare gem these days.

So I immediately pulled her down, (we didn’t stop kissing even for a second while all this), and started sucking her breasts like a baby. My left hand was still pressing her right breast and my mouth was sucking her soul out of her left one.

I was sucking, biting her nipples, nibbling them around, and pinching her nipples. I treated her both breasts equally with no discrimination.

D: Mmmm. looks like you are a pro with boobs. Ahh, I am already wet. This is probably the best boob job I have ever received. Don’t stop Aryan.

Saying this, she pulled my face more into her breasts so much so that I even failed to catch my breath. Then she held me with my face and started sucking my lips again while moving her vagina towards my trousers over her denim.

I seriously felt like my lips went numb after having sex with her and yes they were swollen. I unbuttoned her denim and took off her denim and pulled my trousers off as well. Now, we both were just in our underwear. She was wearing black-colored v-shaped panties.

Her skin was glowing like a tube light and those milky thighs were knocking my mind off. Now, I kissed her neck while pressing her boobs and my dick was touching her pussy with our underwear still on.

Now, I was licking her cleavage and her nipples and slowly went to her naval. She was very sensitive in that part. As soon as the tip of my tongue touched her belly button she jumped, screaming.

D: Not here please no.

A: Why, aren’t you enjoying it?

D: I am loving it but it’s very ticklish.

A: Just close your eyes and feel.

And then I continued sucking her naval. She was enjoying it. Now I traveled down south. I was slowly kissing her inner thighs while my fingers were moving lightly around her dripping wet panties and she was going crazy.

D: Enough of teasing Aryan, fuck me. Yes, Aryan, yes.

Now I slid down her panties with my teeth and started touching the tip of my tongue over her clitoris. She spread her legs more and held my hair to push my head closer. Now my tongue was inside her pussy and I was tongue fucking her while my hands slapping her fleshy thighs.

In and out and right and left and clockwise, my tongue moved in every direction possible. And within a minute or two, her thighs started shivering. Yes, you guessed it right. It was time to taste some fresh pussy juice. Then I heard ‘Ahhh’ from her and she came into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it.

After that, I started kissing her lips again and we cuddled for a while. While cuddling, she removed my underwear and took my dick in her hands while looking into my eyes. She was just holding it and hugging me and kissing me in between.

A: Shit! There’s no condom in here. The stock is over.

D: So what? Did I ask for a condom?

A: What do you mean? Aren’t we having sex? Was it just oral?

D: I like it more without condoms.

A: Are you sure?

She replied by climbing over me. She adjusted her baby pink pussy over my dick, held my hands, and cupped them over her boobs. I pushed my entire length in her at once and she screamed.

Guys, she was too tight that even my dick was paining. She started riding me, and I was fondling her boobs and slapping her ass cheeks.

D: Aryan you are s good. Yeah, slap me. Yes, slap me harder.

And she was leaning forward for smooches in between as well. And after a few minutes, I felt her warm juices over my dick, and at the same time, I also ejaculated inside her. Yes, it was a mutual climax and it was great. After that, we went to the shower and then had some steamy sessions in the shower.

I will post the details about it and the entire night in the next part of the story. Thank you for spending your time to read this story and I hope it was worth your while.

That’s all for this one, guys. Do let me know if you enjoyed the story about my friend’s girlfriend! Your comments, your texts really motivated me to write more.

What did you think of this story??

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