Love Or Leave – Part 1 (The Reality Show)

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Let me introduce the show first. It is a reality show on TV where many girls and boys are looking for their perfect match. There will be tasks and eliminations. In the end, anyone who manages to stay until the end will win the whopping 1 million dollar plus other rewards.

Elimination will be done based on voting, and at the end of the week, one contestant will be voted out. Since it is a dating show, it involves lots of sexual stuff and tasks. The couples and the contestants will be judged based on different sexual tasks and competitions.

All 20 contestants will be kept in a private resort with separate villas. There will be a total of 20 weeks. These 20 weeks all depend on the contestants, whether they are going out or win 10 million dollars.

The show has two judges, both previous winners of the show.  One is a handsome guy named Aryan and another very sexy girl named Nisha. Both Aryan and Nisha are big celebrities, and every youth in the country is crazy for them.

The audition was held online and based on their attitude, personality, and looks. The show begins with the introduction of two previous popular winners of ‘Love or Leave.’

Talking about Aryan, he was the first winner of the show. He is a handsome man, 6 feet and a half-inch tall, with a charming face. He has a toned body on which girls over the country just go crazy.

On the other hand, Nisha is a busty girl who won the competition solely due to her huge 42D huge boobs. Boys literally fell for her huge tits throughout the competition. Talking about Nisha’s appearance, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has long black hair. She has a tempting body size of 42-28-36.

Both Aryan and Nisha are 26 years of age. They are both successful celebrities always on the sex news. Aryan has readied himself wearing a black suit, whereas Nisha is wearing a short black dress. The dress is very short that it is only covering her ass and exposing half of her boobs. Aryan is finding it so hard not to look at her boobs.

They introduce themselves and talk about the show first. Then there is the first call for the female contestants. The girls come out one by one, and they introduce themselves. They all talk about their life and hobbies and what kind of man they are looking for in the show.

The first one to come out is Alina. Alina is a soft-hearted girl and always loves to help others. She works for a non-profit organization, which does social work. She is 20 years old and looking for genuine love in the show. She has a perfect body; 34-23-25 with a height of 5 feet 3 inches. She has fair skin and short black hair.

Talking about Alina’s hobbies, she loves traveling and watching movies. Her first few relationships didn’t go well. Now, she wants to find a perfect man who can treat her like a princess.

Like Nisha, Alina is wearing a short orange dress but has a cut just in the middle of her tits. The dress is just covering her ass while half of her boobs are exposed through the cut.

The next one to come out is Mindira. Mindira is more cheerful, unlike Alina. She has a perfect curvy figure with a perfect height. Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, her body size is 34-25-36, and she has black hair. She needs a 34DD cup size to hold her massive tits, and she always flaunts that with a sexy dress-up.

She loves traveling and is a huge dog lover. She is 19 right now and does modeling here and there. She is here in the show for fun and, if possible, to find a hot man to date with. She is wearing an off-shoulder red mini dress, barely covering her ass and exposing her cleavage.

Then comes Anisha, who loves painting. She is a professional artist, and at the age of just 21, she is quite popular. Anisha is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has black hair. Her body measurement is 38-24-36, and she needs a 34DD cup size to cage her sexy boobs.

She is quite cheerful and loves to engage with lots of boys. She is wearing a long maxi-type dress with a deep neck cut and her cleavage. She has a beautiful smile, and she is hoping to be with as many boys as possible in the show.

The next one to come is Manisha, who is slutty in nature. She doesn’t have a beautiful face, but her huge tits and ass could tempt any man. She has brown skin and medium-length black hair. Standing 5 feet 3 inches tall, she has a body size of 35-27-35. She needs a 40D cup size to hold her big tits.

She has come wearing a very slutty dress, a white mini skirt, and a tight red crop top. The mini skirt barely covers her ass while the top is so short that part of her boobs is exposed below from her top. Even her cleavage is hugely exposed, and she is looking so slutty.

She is just 19 and doesn’t have a job. She belongs to a wealthy family, and all she did during high school was having sex with random boys. Therefore, it will be quite hard for boys to stick with one girl throughout the show.

Next in line is Smriti, who is a queen of double-meaning jokes and conversations. She can be both slutty and decent, depending on the mood. She is 22 now and has a decent job. She loves to spend time with her family and is quite serious about her career.

She doesn’t have big tits, but her round ass could tempt any man. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a body size of 34-26-36. She needs 34C to hold her boobs. She has put on a red mini dress that is long enough to cover her ass and boobs. Still, her cleavage is partly visible.

Then comes the beautiful Amira. She is possibly the most beautiful girl in the show and has a very tempting body size of 36-28-38. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a brownish white complexion. She has straight brown colored hair. She is so beautiful that it will get hard for other girls to keep their match for long.

Amira loves traveling, and she is quite adventurous too. She is wearing a maroon-colored short tight dress, which is perfectly complementing her curvy sexy body. She is wearing a 36C cup size bra to hold her big boobs. The dress has a deep cut, which is exposing half of Amira’s boobs. She is looking very sexy.

Then there is Alisha, who is very bubbly and has a chubby figure. She loves to talk with everyone, and she always looks happy. She is emotional as well, so it is quite obvious we will see a lot of crying from her in the show.

She is not much tall, 5 feet half inches but has a very chubby yet sexy body. Her measurement is 36-27-37, and she needs a 36D cup size to hold her big tits. Like most girls, she is wearing a yellow mini dress, which exposes half of her boobs and thighs.

The next one is Saira with a big ass. She is a serious girl who could get pretty angry at times. She loves being with guys and manipulate them with her words. She works at a big finance company, which is paying her very well. Here in the show, she wants to have fun and possibly find a guy of her like.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a body size of 34-27-38. Her ass is huge and round, and she has flaunted them wearing a tight white mini dress. The dress is so short that part of her ass is exposed. She comes with attitude and joins other girls.

Finally, there are twins, Amelia and Olivia. Both are 20 and have identical height and body size; 5 feet 5 inches and 34-25-37. Both the sisters are very hot. Amelia is the older one, and she is quite serious while Olivia is completely opposite. Both of them need 34B cup sizes to hold their medium-sized boobs.

They come out wearing blue and purple-colored mini dresses. Their boobs are half exposed, and the dress they have put on is perfectly complementing their round asses.

I forgot to mention the age of some of the girls. They are all around 19-22. The girls stand on the line in front of Aryan and Nisha. Aryan and Nisha greet all the girls and welcome them to the show. Aryan is already getting a hard-on looking at all the girls. There is a huge bulge on his pant, which is quite visible.

Manisha, who is very slutty could not stop looking at Aryan’s bulge, who also happens to be her huge crush. After greeting all the girls, Aryan explains the rules of the show. He tells them 10 hot boys are waiting for them inside the resort.

He tells them their faces are covered, and the girls have to choose them based on the boy’s bio. Girls get pretty excited for the boys, and as the gate of the resort opens, they see 10 boys with their faces covered with masks. The boys are wearing underwear only, and they have their bio on the side.

All the boys have a muscular body, and they are all looking so hot, exposing their abs and muscles. Nisha tells girls to go one by one and choose their match. First, Amelia and Olivia enter. As they enter, they see a guy with a huge bulge in the first line. They both read his bio.

His name is Suraj, and he is around 6 feet tall. He has a brownish-white complexion and has a big 8-inch thick cock. Both Amelia and Olivia couldn’t stop looking at his bulge.

In his bio, he has mentioned his hobbies and passion. His passion is football, and he plays for a regional-level team. Both Amelia and Olivia loves football, so they don’t think much and choose Suraj.

Talking about other guys, I will write their name, and in the bracket, there will be their complexion, height, age, and dick size.

The remaining 9 guys are

Samir (white, 6’, 21, 7 inch),

Samarth (brown, 6’1, 20, 6.5 inches),

Pratyush (black, 6’2, 22, 8.5 inches),

Siddharth (white, 5’9, 19, 7 inches),

Mayank (brown, 6’, 21, 6 inches),

Leo (white, 6’5, 22, 7 inches),

Irfan (Brown, 6’, 19, 7.5 inches),

Gary (white, 6,4, 20, 6 inches)

Ali (brown, 6’, 23, 8 inches)

After Amelia and Olivia, Alina and Saira enter. Alina is looking for a serious relationship, so she chooses Samarth, who has written the same thing in his bio that he is looking for a genuine connection.

Saira reads the bio of all the boys and decides to choose Leo. Leo has written that he loves to party and fool around. Saira also falls for Leo’s height, who is the tallest of the bunch.

Then come Mindira and Manisha. Manisha doesn’t think much and chooses Pratyush after looking at his bulge. While roaming around, she makes sure to check out all the boys and their bulges.

Mindira reads all the boys’ bio and decides to go with Gary as he has mentioned in his bio that he loves to dance. Mindira is quite a dancer herself, so she decides to go with Gary. Then Alisha and Amira choose Mayank and Pratyush, respectively. Finally, Smriti and Anisha go with Siddharth and Leo.

The personality of the characters will be described further as the story progresses. After all the girls choose their perfect match and return to their original position, Aryan and Nisha call the boys one by one.

The first one to come is Suraj, and he takes off his mask. As he takes off his mask, girls cannot believe their eyes. Suraj is a very handsome guy with a perfect jawline and killer smile. He has a trimmed black beard and well-groomed hair.

As he smiles, Amelia and Olivia just couldn’t believe that they chose Suraj. Amira and Manisha both regret not choosing him for different reasons. Manisha being pretty obvious, wants to fuck with handsome Suraj. Amira being the most beautiful, wanted to date the most handsome guy in the show.

Aryan then calls Samir, who wasn’t chosen by anyone. He takes off his mask to reveal his cute face. He is literally the cutest in the show. He has that beautiful dimple on his face which both Amelia and Olivia couldn’t stop looking at. Not only them, but Anisha and Smriti also have their eyes on him as well.

He looks pretty disappointed, though, as he was not chosen by anyone. He joins Suraj and stands on the line. Then comes Samarth, Pratyush, Siddharth, Mayank, Gary, and Leo, revealing their faces. They are not quite handsome or cute as Suraj and Samir, but they have their own qualities.

Manisha still has her eyes on Pratyush’s bulge, and even Pratyush gives her a naughty look. Then come Irfan and Ali. Both of them were not chosen by anyone. Irfan is a traveler, while Ali is a successful entrepreneur who has his own coffee shop outlets.

As they reveal their faces, girls just can’t believe that they didn’t choose them. Both Irfan and Ali have an Arabic look with a thick black beard. They both have green hypnotizing eyes, and girls just couldn’t help themselves looking at them. On top of that, they have a very charming smile.

Alisha, Saira, Smriti, and Anisha all have their eyes on Irfan and Ali now. Amira has somewhat shifted her attention to Suraj now who had previously chosen Pratyush. After revealing the faces, Aryan tells Suraj, Pratyush, and Leo to move to the resort’s left.

There are private villas with separate swimming pools. They are told to move there because they got the highest match, two each. Nisha tells the remaining contestants to move to the common suite on the right, where there is a common room for four contestants.

All the contestants move towards their suites while Nisha and Aryan walk towards their private villa. Suraj, Leo, and Pratyush are inside their part of villas. They are given separate villas with all the facilities. After inspecting their rooms, all three take off their pants and get inside one of the private pools.

They introduce themselves to each other. Suraj is the most charming of the three, while Pratyush is sexually more experienced. Leo, on the other hand, is a tough personality and is quite religious. Suraj tells them he has his eyes on Amira despite Amelia and Olivia choosing him.

Pratyush, who was chosen by Amira, doesn’t care much and says he has his eyes on curvy Manisha, Mindira, and Alisha. “I just want to have fun with those curvy girls,” Pratyush laughs as he shares his preference.

“I have my eyes on Saira. I think she is bold just like me,” Leo says as they keep sharing their preferences. “Who are you going to choose as of now? Amelia or Olivia?” Pratyush asks Suraj.

“They both look the same, haha. I don’t know who to choose,” Suraj replies with a laugh. All three laugh as they cool themselves under the water. On the other side of the resort, all the other contestants discuss how to divide the rooms.

Mayank and Irfan are of the same personality (playboy), making a group and deciding to share a room. Alisha (who matched with Mayank and has her eyes on Irfan) and Olivia (who also has her eyes on Irfan) agree to join them.

Amelia gets really angry with Mayank and Irfan as Olivia decides to part with her because of them. Amelia had her eyes on Samir, so she decides to stay with him. Ali finds Amelia pretty cute, so he joins the group as well. Saira joins the same group as she desperately likes Ali.

Since Smriti chose Siddharth, they bond really well. Gary and Mindira being another match, joins them to share another room. Alina and Samarth bond really well, and as Manisha really wants to share a room with a guy, she joins them as well. Similarly, another room is shared by two girls, Anisha and Amira.

Everything is going normal in all the rooms except inside Alina’s room. Alina and Samarth talk for a while and share how they are both looking for a genuine partner. Manisha, meanwhile, is just looking for ways to seduce Samarth so that she can suck his cock.

After talking for a while, Alina goes inside the bathroom to get fresh. Manisha then sits beside Samarth and takes off her top, exposing her bikini. The bikini is hardly covering her boobs. Looking at her big tits, Samarth gets an instant hard-on.

“So you guys are bonding well? You and Alina?” she asks as she takes her eyes to his bulge. Samarth, feeling uncomfortable, cross his legs to hide his bulge. He feels like grabbing Manisha’s tits, but he couldn’t as he genuinely wants to match with Alina.

“Yes. She is really good. I feel like we can make a good match,” he smiles, trying hard not to look at Manisha’s ass.
“Mmmm, okay,” Manisha says as she stands up and bending over, she pulls down her skirt. Her thong is so small that Samarth gets a full view of Manisha’s dark pussy lips.

His dick starts getting wet inside his pant. Manisha does all she can to give Samarth a full view of her ass and pussy. She then stands up asks, “You want to join me in the pool?”

“No, I am good,” Samarth replies, still trying hard not to look at Manisha.

Manisha then walks outside and heads towards the pool where Samir is swimming alone. As Manisha leaves, Alina comes out of the bath. She has wrapped a towel around her, and her body is all wet. Samarth couldn’t stop looking and gives her a smile.

Alina smiles back and sits beside Samarth. His cock is still hard, and he has crossed his legs to hide that. Alina looks into his eyes for a while and holds his hand. “Do you really think we will be a perfect match?” she asks.

Samarth holds her hand tightly and smiles at her as he replies, “I very much think we will make a perfect match.” They just couldn’t hold longer and start kissing. They kiss for a good 5 minutes, and then Alina hugs him.

Meanwhile, at the pool, Manisha dives into the pool and stands beside Samir. “No one chose you, right?” she asks him. Samir takes a sip of beer and looks at her. he takes his eyes to her huge tits.

“Do you think we can make a match?” he gives Manisha a naughty, seductive look. Manisha really wanted that, and looking back at Samir, she takes her hand to Samir’s crotch. “Yeah, why not?” she replies as she grabs his cock from his underwear.

Samir gets an instant hard-on and cannot believe Manisha is grabbing his cock in the open. “Mmmmm, you are so big. We going to have so much fun, hehe,” she says as she guides her hand inside Samir’s underwear. Samir also takes his hand inside Manisha’s thong and touches her hairy pussy.

As Manisha starts stroking his cock, Samir pulls down his underwear. Both of them play with each other underwater until Samir releases all his cum into the pool. He keeps rubbing Manisha’s clit until she trembles and has her first orgasm in the villa.

They both get pretty tired and give each other a very seductive smile. Manisha gets off the pool and leaves after that. Everything is normal in other rooms as all the contestants get fresh and change their clothes into something comfortable.

This story involves so many characters, so it is obviously going to be a long read. I request everyone to be patient and read it fully. There is more fun to come in the next part where Suraj, Leo, and Pratyush are told to choose one from their two matches.

Keep reading and stay safe. Love you, guys.

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