My Mom’s New Boyfriend

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Hello all, I am Aryan, 22 years old. I wanted to share my real-life experience about my mom’s new boyfriend, which happened 2 years back. Ours is a small family, me, my mom and dad. We moved to the US when I was 5 years old, and now we are NRI.

Mom and dad always had disagreements and issues for the last few years. So one fine day, they decided to find their own ways and divorced. I just finished my first year of college at that time.

After the divorce, mom decided to move to India and look after my grandpa’s business in Mumbai. So my mom and I shifted back to Mumbai, and I joined college again to continue my studies.

Let me introduce my mom, Tara, 45 years old. She is a stunning beauty. Very fair and a well-maintained figure, exercises regularly and very health conscious. She has a gorgeous figure of 36-28-36.

To be honest, you can compare her to Vidya Balan. Her looks are very much similar. She is very curvy and has well-rounded butts which look gorgeous when she wears tight clothes. She wears modern dresses and is a real head-turner. She also has a very sweet voice, and I bet she can seduce any man.

So here is what happened. After we moved to Mumbai, mom got very busy learning and understand grandpa’s business. She worked very hard and after a few months, she was looking very exhausted. Then things started to settle down.

We were staying at our grandpa’s house. So after a few months, mom wanted to move separately and rented a nice flat. After that mom started socializing, joined some clubs, and made friends.

Since we were in the US for about 15 years we very well know the culture. Boyfriends, relationships, and dating kinds of things are not new to us. She started dating a few men, movies, dinner, and all.

But nothing was so serious till she met Jai. Jai, 34 years old, is a successful businessman, well educated and well-traveled. He is tall, handsome and a very eligible bachelor, and very matured. He met my mom at a club during a social event and both got connected and started dating.

It was around the month of November. On a Saturday, mom went out on a date with Jai and got drunk. Jai dropped mom at home around 11 pm. That is the first time I saw him. Mom is a social drinker and always drinks within her limits and was never out of control.

But today, she was a little high on alcohol. Jai had to hold her from the car to the door of our flat. The doorbell rang, and I opened the door. This was the first time I saw Jai.

Me: What happened?

Jai: She got a little high on alcohol today. You are Aryan, right?

Me: Yes.

Jai: I am Jai, your mom’s friend.

Me: Thank you, Jai. I will take care of her.

Mom (in a blabbering tone to Jai): Bye, darling!

After hearing that, I was a bit surprised and thought they are getting closer. The next day, mom and I spoke about the previous night. Mom apologized to me and told got a bit carried away. Then I enquired about Jai. She told me she is dating him for a couple of weeks and had met him at the club.

Me: Is it a serious relationship?

Mom: Not sure yet, but maybe.

Me: Maybe?

Mom:(smiled at me) I will let you know if it is a serious one. You should meet him. He is a nice guy. Shall I invite him for dinner?

Me: Ok.

So mom invited him to dinner that night. He came and we had a nice conversation, all 3 of us. Jai was very nice to talk with, very humorous, and intelligent. He became very friendly with me within a few hours. We had a good dinner and he left. After he left,

Mom: So, what do you think of Jai?

Me: He is good, and I liked him. But don’t you think he is too young for you?

Mom: Hey, do I look old?

Me: No, not by looks. But by age?

Mom: Ahh, age is just a number. Forget it.

Me: Well, it’s up to you. As long as you are happy, I am ok.

Mom smiled and kissed my cheek and said, “Thank you, I love you!” And I replied, “I love you too.”

It was December then when mom started talking about New Year Eve.

Mom: Hey, we are planning to celebrate New Year out of Mumbai.

Me: Where?

Mom: We have not decided on the place yet. Would you like to join us?

Me: Ya, sure.

Mom started going out with Jai regularly. They did a lot of shopping and dinners together. I could say they really got connected and it was almost like a relationship. Then Christmas passed by,

But still, they didn’t plan their travel location. Finally, mom came back home on the 28th evening and said we are going to Goa. We packed our bags on the same night and our flight was on 29th noon.

The next day Jai came in the morning to pick us. He let me drive to the airport. While driving they both were in the back seat. Mom was leaning on him and he had his hand around her shoulder. I was checking them on the review mirror. He was caressing her shoulder, hair and I also saw his hands brushing her boobs.

On the way, he also made a call to a beach resort where he usually stays when he visits Goa. He reserved 2 rooms. We reached the airport and parked the car. We took the flight and reached Goa, and reached the hotel around 4 pm.

As we reached the hotel there was a shock waiting for us. The resort manager told us there was only one room available. One of their guests wanted to extend their stay. So the other room which was supposed to be ours was not vacant. By hearing this, Jai and mom were disappointed, and it was obvious on their faces.

There was silence for a moment. I understood the situation and spoke out, saying I can try some other hotel. The manager said, it is New Year’s time, and all hotels will be completely booked. However, he called nearby hotels and checked if there are any rooms available. Unfortunately, none was available.

Finally, Jai said we can take the available room and add an extra bed for me. But his tone was very disappointing. He requested the manager to let him know if any guests are vacating. So that we can take that room. Even I felt bad for them but there is nothing much I could do.

We went to our room and got freshened up. We had some tea, and we went to the beach. Jai and mom were holding hands on the beach like they are lovers or a couple. We enjoyed the sunset and had dinner along with some wine at a beachside restaurant. We returned to the room at around 10 pm.

Then we took showers and got ready for bed. Before anyone spoke about who is going to take the extra bed, I went and occupied it. It was right next to the king-size bed.

Then after some time, Jai and mom also hit the bed. Mom was wearing a nightgown, and Jai was in boxers. It was a very embarrassing situation for all three of us. Around 30-45 minutes passed by. It was total silence. I was not sleepy but just lying and trying to sleep and trying to forget the situation.

And also, I thought that Jai and mom slept. Suddenly I heard some whispering. It was mom speaking in a very low voice. The following conversation happened in a very low voice like they were whispering

Mom: Honey, check if he slept.

Jai: Ok.

I felt someone was bending down the cot and coming close to me. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.

Jai: Baby, he slept.

Mom: Then come and take me, darling.

Then I heard both of them rolling and kissing. It was so silent that I was able to hear their kisses. I saw mom’s nightgown thrown on the floor on the other side of the bed. I thought to myself, ‘Ok, they have started.’ Then I saw Jai getting down on the other side of the bed.

I could see his legs from below the cot. He was standing. Then I heard the sound of sucking. Mom was sucking his cock. He was moaning and mom said, “Don’t make noise. It will be very embarrassing if he wakes up.” Then they controlled their moaning.

I could hear the sucking. Jai was whispering, “Baby, I love it. Suck me, my darling.” It continued for about 5 minutes. Then I could see Jai bending down on his knees. I imagined he was going to eat her. It happened just as I imagined.

As soon as Jai started eating mom’s pussy, she gave a moan in a husky voice. I was constantly hearing the moan in a very low voice. I could feel they were really enjoying it. But I thought if I was not there it would have been better for them.

So he ate her for some time and now he again stood up. I guessed they were ready to fuck. I couldn’t see but, from Jai’s standing position, I can say that mom is in the doggy position. Then Jai asked

Jai: Baby, do you have condoms?

Mom: Oh honey, I thought you had it.

Jai: No, I forgot to buy. What to do now?

Mom: Honey, forget it, just fuck me.

Jai: Are you sure, darling?

Mom: Yes, fuck me, you mother fucker, fuck me like a bitch.

Jai: Oh, you seem to be a real slut.

Mom: Yes, now fuck.

I guess Jai inserted his cock. Mom again moaned. The cot was shaking mildly, so it’s confirmed that Jai is fucking mom now. Mom was moaning in a husky voice, “Come on, baby, fuck me, oh yes fuck me, darling.”

Jai was responding, “Yes, baby, I will fuck you. You are so horny. Your pussy is so wet and tight.” Both were taking pleasure. In between, mom started moaning a little louder and very intensely. I guess she is about to cum. Finally a long moan. I guess she came.

I could hear the noise of fucking as it was very wet and the banging of Jai onto Mom’s butts. Then Jai started moaning intensely and increased the speed. The sound of the cot shaking got louder. But I guess they didn’t really care because they were in a different world.

Finally, with a big moan, Jai also came, and both fell on the bed. I didn’t know if he came in her pussy or on her body. Then they kissed each other for a while. After that mom got down from the cot and took her nightgown and moved towards the washroom. She came back after a while.

While coming back, she just peeped on my side to see if I am sleeping. Even though my eyes were open, she couldn’t see as it was very dark. Then Jai went to the washroom and came back. After that, there were few whispers between them and they were kissing again.

Jai: Baby, I loved it. Your boobs and pussy were awesome.

Mom: Me too after a long time.

Jai: You were so horny

Mom: You ate my pussy very well. My hubby never eats my pussy.

Jai: Did you like it?

Mom: I loved it, baby. I hope Aryan is asleep, and he didn’t hear or see anything.

Jai: Don’t worry, he is sleeping.

Mom: Ok, give me some love bites, honey.

Jai: You are a naughty bitch. Where do you want me to bite?

Both laughed and rolled and then the kissing continued. The time passed, and I didn’t know when I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning around 8 am. I could see Jai and mom were on the couch reading newspaper. Seeing me wake up, mom wished me, “Good morning, baby.”

Hope you enjoyed reading about my mom making love to a young guy. I will tell you what happened on the 30th and 31st in my next part if I get a good response.

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