Rekha And Maya – Part 1 (Wedding Anniversary Party)

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It was Vinod and Rekha’s 17th wedding anniversary. Vinod was throwing a party that evening. He had invited some neighbors and office friends.

Vinod and Rekha sta

yed with Vinod’s younger brother’s wife, Maya. Maya was a widow whose husband died in an unfortunate accident 2 years ago. From then on, Vinod took the responsibility of the complete family.

As the day went by, at around 3 in the afternoon, someone visited their house. Rekha opened the door, and 2 guys barged in and asked for Vinod. Rekha couldn’t understand what was happening and who they were. One of them was in his 40s and the other one just around 19.

“Who the hell are you guys” Rekha shouted at them.

“We are Akhtar’s men, I am Hassan, and he is Chotu,” said the 40-year-old guy.

“Vinod, get out, you bastard,” shouted Hassan

“He is not here. What the fuck do you guys want from him? Just get out of my house,” Rekha raised her voice at Hassan.

“Didn’t Vinod tell you about us? That motherfucker is not even picking our call. What a chut he is,” said Chotu trying to get in between Hassan and Rekha.

“How dare you talk about my husband like that,” saying that Rekha slapped Chotu on his cheeks. “Just get off my house. If I see you both again, I will call the police” Rekha got angrier and tried to push Chotu out of the door.

“You slut!” as Chotu was about to go after Rekha, Hassan stopped him.

“You don’t know what you have got yourself into,” said Hassan and walked out of the door with Chotu.

“Just fuck off,” Rekha shouted at them as they were going.

Chotu turned back and gave a stern look at Rekha while going.

As they went, Maya came from the market.

“Who were they, bhabhi?” Maya asked Rekha

“Roadside goons. Must have lost their way, assholes,” Rekha said in an angry tone

“Oh bhabhi, please don’t spoil your mood. It’s your anniversary. You have to start getting ready in some time. The party will start coming by 6,” Maya said, trying to cheer her bhabhi up.

“Yeah, you are right. Today is my happy day. I shouldn’t think of all that,” Rekha said and smiled at Maya.

Vinod returned from his office at 5:30 and got busy getting ready. Rekha looked lovely in a sleeveless transparent red saree. Vinod wore a normal matching red shirt and black pants. Maya wore a green saree that covered her body properly and exposed her sexy waistline and navel.

The guests started coming, and every male in the party had an eye on Rekha. Her navel was completely exposed in the transparent saree, and big boobs trying to pop out of her blouse. Her blouse was backless with just thin laces at the back. Surely Rekha wasn’t wearing a bra.

Vinod had his hands on Rekha’s waist, and he presented her like a trophy that he has recently won. Vinod just couldn’t wait for his guests to leave so that he could fuck his wife. After 17 years of marriage, their sex life was on the verge of extinction.

They hardly fucked once a month, and that too for not more than 5 minutes. Even Rekha had accepted her life like this. She kept herself busy in other household choruses. But today, after seeing his wife dress so sultry, he wanted to fuck her.

They cut the cake, and all the guests had dinner. While some couples even danced to some tune. Vinod’s boss asked Rekha for a dance. Rekha looked at Vinod for permission. Vinod hesitantly handed Rekha to his boss. His boss used this opportunity to the fullest.

He placed his hand on Rekha’s naked waist and moved his body with hers. Vinod saw his boss pulling Rekha onto him and trying to grind his cock on her body. Rekha, too enjoyed the attention her body was getting as she kept swaying her hips with Vinod’s boss.

As his boss tried to move his hands on Rekha’s ass, Maya intervened and called Rekha for some work.  Vinod’s boss had no option but to leave her. They all then chatted for some time, and slowly everyone started to leave the party.

By 10:00 PM, everyone had left. Only Vinod, his wife Rekha, and his dead younger brother’s wife Maya were in the house. They were all sitting on the sofa in the hall.

“Bhabhi,” Maya called Rekha and signaled her to come with her.

Rekha followed Maya. Maya took her to the bedroom, and Rekha was surprised to see that her room was decorated for a honeymoon. Flowers on the bed and candles all around the room.

“When did you do this, Maya?” Rekha was completely unaware of this.

“I just wanted you to enjoy the night,” Maya said

“You are such a sweetheart, Maya,” Rekha said and hugged Maya and kissed her on the cheeks

The doorbell rang.

“Vinod, see who it is at this time,” Shouted Rekha from the room.

When Vinod didn’t respond, both she and Maya came out of the room. Both the ladies froze at sight in front of them. Apart from her husband, there were five other men, and two of them were familiar to Rekha.

“How dare you come back here again, you bastards,” Rekha shouted, “Wait, I will call the police,” Rekha continued as she tried to find her phone.

“Stop blabbering anything, Rekha. Do you even know who they are?” Vinod said, shouting at his wife

He then turned towards Akhtar, the leader of the gang.

“Please give me some more time. I will return your money as soon as possible,” Vinod pleaded to Akhtar.

“We will talk about it,” Akhtar said very calmly, placing his hand on Vinod’s shoulder.

“Chotu, Hassan, lock all the door and windows and bring all the mobiles or laptops you find in the house,” Akhtar ordered them.

“Wait! what are you doing? I will call the police,” Rekha shouted again.

“Vinod, calm your family down and call everyone here,” Akhtar said very politely.

“Rekha, please,” Vinod pleaded with his eyes

Rekha looked at her husband angrily and started walking towards him. Maya followed Rekha. Akhtar settled himself down in the middle of the big 3 seater sofa.

“Khan Chacha, sit here,” Akhtar asked the eldest of the five of them to sit on the single-seater sofa at the side.

Both Chotu and Hassan came after locking all the doors and taking all the phones with them.

“One of these bitches will be screwed today. The room is decorated for a honeymoon,” shouted Chotu. Hassan laughed with him.

  1. Akhtar was the gang leader. He was a 45-year-old tall bearded man, very well built. He looked like a proper Pathan
  2.  Khan chacha was 60 years old and very fat with a huge belly. He was the brain behind that gang. Akhtar would only listen to him before making any decision.
  3.  Ali was the gang’s muscle. Anyone would be afraid of that dark, ugly face. He had a big scar on his face. No one would dare mess with him. He was around 40.
  4. Hassan was a 40-year-old small fat guy who always wore a cap. He would often do the work of collecting money and all.
  5. Chotu was an 18-year-old slim guy.

As everyone gathered near the couch. Khan Chacha, Hassan, and Chotu stared at Rekha as she looked like a sex bomb in her transparent saree. Akhtar was sitting on the middle couch and Khan Chacha on the side couch. Vinod, Rekha, and Maya stood in front of them. And others were standing near them.

“I hear one of you slapped my boy, Chotu,” Akhtar asked.

“No, we would never do that. I know the consequences of messing with your men. We didn’t do it,” Vinod blabbered, having no idea of what happened in the afternoon.

“You sure know the consequences. But do these ladies know what messing with me means?” Akhtar was very polite to them so far?

“Akhtar, sir, I am sure no one in this city would mess with your men. Please give me some more time. I will return your money as soon as possible,” Vinod pleaded, folding his hands.

“Come and sit here, Vinod,” Akhtar signaled him to come and sit near his legs on the ground.

“Stop all this. Do you even know what you are getting yourself into?” Rekha shouted again as she came a step forward towards Akhtar.

Ali, who was standing just near Rekha, caught Rekha by her neck. Rekha squealed as she looked at Ali soo closely. Ali looked at her with anger. Rekha couldn’t even say any words and chose to stay quiet.

Rekha almost choked as she felt Ali’s hand tightened around her neck. Rekha started hitting Ali on his chest to make him stop. Vinod quickly went and sat near Akhtar’s feet.

“Please, Akhtar sir, stop all this. I am here,” Vinod kept pleading

“Ali…” Akhtar said as Ali left her neck. Rekha started coughing, holding her neck in relief.

Maya was shit scared just by looking at the scene in front of her. She couldn’t even dare to say anything.

Akhtar then took out a gun from his pants and placed it on the table. That was the signal for Vinod that shit was about to get real.

“Which one of you slapped my boy?” Akhtar asked both the ladies in front of him.

“They wouldn’t do that sir, they don’t even know anything. Please let them go, I beg you. I will return…”

“I did. They barged in the house, and it all happened so suddenly…” Rekha cut her husband and started pleading with Akhtar.

Vinod couldn’t believe that she did something like that.

“So darling, you mean you are sorry for your actions,” Akhtar asked Rekha

“Yes, I will give you all the money whatever my husband took from you. Leave us and go,” Rekha confronted Akhtar like a brave lady.

“We will come to the money later, darling. First Vinod, take off your clothes,” Akhtar ordered him.

Vinod was shocked at that. Even the ladies couldn’t believe what they heard. He looked around the house. Khan chacha, Hassan, and Chotu were all laughing at him. Rekha couldn’t believe what Akhtar was making her husband do.

Vinod started unbuttoning his shirt as everyone laughed at him. Rekha saw this as an opportunity and quickly picked up the gun from the table and point towards Akhtar

“Get out of my house, all of you, or else I will shoot you. Assholes, how dare you enter my house and behave with us in such manner,” Rekha shouted as her hands shivered while pointing the gun towards Akhtar.

“Ha ha ha,” Akhtar laughed, and the others joined him. Rekha and Vinod couldn’t understand anything.

“It’s empty,” Akhtar said, and Ali caught Rekha by her hair. He took the gun out of her hand. Ali didn’t pull her hair. He just showed his power that if he wanted, he could do a lot worse with her.

Akhtar then looked at Vinod, and Vinod knew his wife has made him angry. First by slapping his guy and now by pointing a gun towards him. Vinod quickly took his shirt off and started unzipping his pant. Soon he stood in front of all of them in his underwear.

Vinod was a fat 42-year-old guy. Vinod looked around and saw his wife weeping helplessly. Ali held her tightly, and Maya looking down without any reaction on her face.

Hassan then came behind Vinod and made him kneel down. He tied Vinod’s hands with his shirt and his legs with his pants. Vinod now kneeled in front of them, both hands and legs tied, and he couldn’t move.

“Okay then, let’s come to business. What are your names?” Akhtar asked both the ladies.

They both remained quiet. Ali, who was standing just behind Rekha, placed the gun on her naked back, and that was enough.

“Rekha , I am Rekha,” Rekha answered

“M…ma…Maya.” Everyone could sense that she was frightened.

“So Vinod, Will your wife and other lady cooperate with us?” Vinod looked down in shame and then looked towards his wife, Rekha.

“I will, but please leave Maya out of this. She didn’t do anything wrong,” Rekha pleaded to Akhtar

“What do you say, Khan Chacha? Should we leave the other women out of this?”

“As long as she cooperates,” Khan Chacha said, stroking his pajamas and looking at Rekha.

“So Rekha darling, Can you point out the guy whom you slapped?” Akhtar asked her

Rekha looked around the room and pointed towards Chotu.

“So it would only be fair for Chotu to undress you,” Akhtar said, and Rekha’s world turned upside down

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